Our Vision

By 2025, we will develop and deploy hundreds of everyday missionaries into our Islands, community, and city. 

Everyday Missionary Initiative

Our Everyday Missionaries will saturate their circles of influence for eternal impact by building relationships, serving others in the love of Christ, and introducing them into a surrendered, authentic, joyful relationship with Jesus.

These missionaries will be developed in their own individual walks with God daily through the truth of God’s Word and connection with other believers. Growing in maturity, they will risk, sacrifice, and step out of their comfort zones in order to bring the Gospel into their relationships and circles of influence. They will deploy daily as tour guides walking with people on the journey of their lives and not as travel agents who merely direct from a distance.

We imagine seeing every street in every neighborhood and every school, business, and group within our Islands community impacted by an everyday missionary. Their aim is to put Jesus on display and to share the Gospel one life at a time. This will be accomplished through ongoing relationships and not only on occasion through special events. If our Islands, community, and city are an ocean, our church will be a rescue station that deploys daily to build relationships, serve others, and make disciples.

Find out how you can become an Everyday Missionary.