Are you looking for more ways to connect with FBC Islands? We would love to talk with you more about becoming a part of what the Lord is doing here and help you to stay connected on all that is happening. These tools will help you to do that too.

Become a Member

Loving Jesus Authentically, Serving Others Selflessly, and Making Disciples Intentionally are best done with other followers of Christ. It is a blessing and a privilege that we get to live out our mission together, in unity, encouraging one another along the way.

To become a member of FBC Islands, there are two basic requirements. First, you must have made the decision to turn from your sin and to place your faith in Jesus Christ alone for salvation, having surrendered the control of your life to Him. If you have not made this decision, we would love to talk with you about it.

Second, after trusting in Jesus for salvation, you must follow Him in obedience through baptism as a public confession of your faith. We practice baptism by immersion in water as we believe this is Jesus and His followers did. Though baptism does not bring your salvation, it remains an important step as you identify with Jesus' death and resurrection and follow Him in obedience.

If you are interested in becoming a member here at FBC Islands, give us a call at the church office or talk with us during our service hours. We would love to answer any questions you may have about membership here.

Get Into a D-Group

Have you formed your D-Group yet?

Are you wondering what a D-Group is?

D-Groups - or Discipleship Groups - are groups of 3 to 5 Believers (men with men & women with women) meeting at least once per week for about 1 to 1.5 hours for encouragement, prayer, Bible study, & accountability


Here are some steps you can take to get started with this intensive Discipleship Journey.

  • Check out the D-Groups Factsheet to get all the details.
  • Contact for more information.
  • Come to our next Discipleship Blueprint event.
  • Have you started a D-Group? Sign Up for our D-Group Link to get helpful tips and updates on future training.

RightNow Media

With so many options of what to watch on TV and how to watch it today, it can be difficult to be sure that we are picking the best choices for our kids and ourselves.

Welcome to RightNow Media!

We want to give you free access to this great resource with over 20,000 Discipleship Videos for Kids, Students, and Adults. Just click this link to Sign Up for RightNow Media Today!

Join Our Online Community

Have you attended or joined our church? Then you can also be a part of our online community through Church Community Builders (CCB).

Go to the page for CCB and Login, Sign Up, or request a new Password using the email address that you used when completing your Connection Card. Please note that, if you have not yet attended or we do not have your email address on file, your request for a Login will take a little longer.